Fuel Efficiency


The rising cost of fuel is an ongoing concern for any company with a mobile fleet of vehicles. GPS tracking technology helps companies cut excess fuel used and reduce operating costs in many ways, such as managing vehicle routes, monitoring unauthorized vehicle use, speeding and engine idling, and improving vehicle maintenance.

  • Save on variable operating costs by managing fuel consumption
  • Identify and correct driving behaviors that cause poor fuel economy
  • Support green fleet initiatives and comply with environmental regulations by monitoring carbon emissions
  • Save administrative costs by simplifying quarterly provincial/state mileage tax reporting
  • Create driver scorecards to promote driver accountability and safety as well as fuel savings

Fuel Usage Summary Report

Shows each driver’s average fuel economy, percentage of time spent idling and percentage of time spent in sudden acceleration, comparing each driver to company averages and benchmarks.

PTO Fuel Usage Report

Shows the duration and amount of fuel used for each incidence of a vehicle’s PTO (Power Take-Off)

Trip Report

Allows you to evaluate driver and vehicle performance from one trip to another by comparing speed, RPM, distance, PTO usage, fuel efficiency and idle time.

Time Period Evaluation Report (Driver Scorecard)

Provides a comparison of a baseline time period to the following six days or weeks, allowing you to identify driver performance as well as behavior patterns and deviations.

Sudden Acceleration Exception Report

This Exception report is triggered when a speed increase at a higher than acceptable rate is detected. You can view Exception reports in real time through GeoManager or receive instant alerts to your email or mobile device.

Engine Speed / Road Speed Reports

Displays engine speed (RPM) and miles per hour information to show how a driver is using a vehicle and whether there is excessive idling or speeding. Various versions of this report show these details from the point of view of the vehicle’s total distance driven, engine cycle duration, fuel used by gallon or fuel economy (L/100km or MPG).

Carbon Emission Reports

Computes the carbon emissions during individual trips or during a specified time period, enabling

you to measure and track carbon emissions for the support of green initiatives and customer requests.

Provincial/State Mileage Report

Tracks the mileage driven in each province or state for each vehicle during the selected reporting period. This report integrates with fuel tax reporting software, which is helpful for customers who file monthly tax reports.


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