SkyBitz Frequency Upgrade Deadline May 16 2012

March 21st, 2012

 2011/2012 Frequency Upgrade Update!

Dear SkyBitz Customer,

The new deadline to complete the Frequency Upgrade is May 16 2012.

SkyBitz is happy to extend the previously announced March 16, 2012 deadline for the Frequency Upgrade. Many of you have made great progress in replacing batteries and placing units outside in order for the units to be upgraded.

SkyBitz will continue the automatic over the air process by sending the appropriate commands for the units that will resume operating, following a battery replacement, or that are placed outside as outlined below.

Please continue to focus on the two categories mentioned in our previous

message: un-installed or not reporting units.

 Un-Installed asset tags:

1) If you plan to install your SkyBitz asset tag(s) before the new May 16,

2012 deadline, those units will receive the upgrade once they are installed.

2) If you have asset tags held in inventory and plan to keep them as such through the deadline of May 16:

    a) Please place the units outside in clear view of the sky for the system to communicate with them to complete the frequency upgrade. These assets must be in working order (e.g. working batteries and communicating).

b) Provide the related serial number(s) to SkyBitz Customer Care

( so we can prioritize the upgrade for those specific units.

c) Once the upgrade is complete, you may put your asset tags back into inventory until you are ready to physically install them.

Not reporting units:

If the battery is replaced according to procedure and the asset tag(s) resume reporting, the frequency upgrade will be done automatically.

The “Frequency Upgrade” Tab is available under the “Dashboard” when you log-in to InSight.  This report shows SkyBitz Asset Tag Serial Numbers that have both completed and not yet completed the Frequency Migration.  If one or more of your Asset Tags has not yet completed the Frequency Migration, please verify its operational status and/or contact SkyBitz Customer Care or ELM Technical Support.

Please note that any unit that is not upgraded by May 16, 2012 will lose complete functionality after this date and alternative action may need to be considered at that time.

As a Canadian client you have 2 choices:

1. Send the devices through the regular SkyBitz RMA process for a $13.00 fee, not including shipping charges to their US address, guidelines for shipping & handling apply. For this option you are urged to work directly with SkyBitz Customer Care( to ensure that all of your Asset Tags are upgraded with the new frequencies as soon as possible.

 2. Send the devices to ELM Technologies Technical Services and Support for a $25.00 fee, not including shipping charges. For this option contact ELM Technologies Technical Services and Support ( to advise on quantity & obtain a reference number for the upgrade service. All of your Asset Tags are upgraded with the new frequencies as soon as.

 Reminder:  This Frequency Upgrade is only required for SkyBitz Gemini Series

(GLS) products. This includes all mobile terminals with serial numbers starting with MTX.

 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For further assistance please contact SkyBitz Customer Care at

1-866-875-9248 or via email at


ELM Technologies Ltd. at 1-866-356-3684 ext 221 or via e-mail at

Anna Thompson,

Director of Operations & Technical Support

4141 Sladeview Cres, #11

Mississauga, ON  L5L 5T1

905-826-1545 ext 221

Alain Simard

Senior Director Customer Service SkyBitz

2121 Cooperative Way, Suite 550

Herndon, Virginia 20171 USA

Direct: 703-478-7579  Cell: 703-980-9503